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  Unit 1

  3.I am to believe that he won't come back to see his wife again.

  a)inclined(倾向,倾斜) b)puzzled(困惑)c)accompanied(陪同) d)performed(执行; 履行)

  答案 a) 我倾向于相信他不会再来见他的妻子。

  8.When you buy the spare parts for your car,try to get the ones from the authorized dealer.

  a)genuine(真的) b)generous(慷慨的) c)genius(天才, 天赋) d)gentle(温和的)

  答案 a) 当你买你骑车的备用零件时,设法去真正的授权经销商。

  15. computers are of great benefit to the development of science and technology.

  a)The fact is what b)That the fact is c)What the fact is that d)The fact is that

  答案 d) 事实上,计算机对于科学技术的发展有很大的好处。

  20. method you choose, so long as you finish the job on time.

  a)It isn't matter to me what b)What doesn't matter is that

  c)It doesn't matter to me which d)No matter which

  答案 c) 只要你能按时完成任务,选择哪种方法,都是无所谓的。


  15. The thing talked about in this report _____ over a year ago.

  A) has taken place B)took place C)had taken place D)were taken place

  答案 B 这个报告讨论的是一年前接管的地方。

  19. I met him in the street the other day. We ___ each other for many years.

  A)have not seen B)had not seen C)did not see D)have not been seeing

  答案 B 前几天我在街上遇到他。我们有很多年没有见到对方了。

  4. This man has been proved ____ of murder.

  A)guilty(内疚的,有罪的) B)spoil(腐败) C)flash(发出闪光)D)curious(好奇的)

  答案 A 这个男人已经被证明犯有谋杀罪

  7. We _____ that it will take another four months to finish this plan.

  A)grant(准许) B)estimate(估计估价) C)council(理事会) D)check(检查)

  答案 B 我们估计,将需要另外四个月的时间才能完成这个计划。

  Unit 3

  4. Before you begin writing your paper,please write a(n)_D_first. Then we can have a better idea about what you are going to talk about.

  A)origin出身 B)detail细节 C)example例子 D)outline提纲

  答案 D 在你下笔之前请先立个提纲,这样你就能对你所要表述的内容有个好的思路。

  7. The financial support is decided not only according to your GRE score, but also according to your __ in college.

  A) performance表现成就 B) policy政策 C) smart整齐的 D) statement说明

  答案 A 奖金不仅取决于你的研究生入学成绩,而且更取决于在校的成绩。

  Unit 4

  2. This newspaper often ______ the government’s opinion, not the public opinion.

  A) affects B)reacts C)reflects D)recognizes

  答案:C)reflects 这家报纸经常反映政府的意见,而不是民意。

  4. This movie has a _____ ending. You can not imagine who will be killed finally.

  A) dramatic B)original C)considerable D)temple

  答案:A)dramatic 这部电影有一个戏剧性的结局。你无法想象,谁最终会被杀死.

  17. He was lucky and narrowly missed _____.

  A) to injure B)injuring C)to be injured D)being injured


  Unit 5

  1.This is an ___ that will not be easily forgotten. 答案:C

  A. impact B. academic C. insult D. alternative这是一种侮辱,不会轻易忘记的

  9.Many English words are __ from Latin. 答案:D

  A. displayed B. spread C. lost D. derived 很多英语单词源于拉丁文。

  19. He returned from abroad ___that his mother had been badly ill. 答案:D

  A. heard B. having been heard C. having phoned D. having been phoned


  Unit 6

  1.The doctors __ the medicines to the people in the flood area.

  A)distributed (分发) B)packed C)prayed D)undertook

  答案:A 医生们分发了药品给洪灾区的人们

  5.The _work continued for more than a week but there was still no sign of the missing boy.

  A) research 研究 B)rescue 拯救,援救 C)vessel 容器 D)vast 巨大,广阔的

  Unit 7

  3. We won’t allow any foreign country to ___ in our internal affairs.

  A)devote(献身;致力) B)district( 地区, 区域) C)interfere(干预) D) wander(漫步)

  答案:C 我们不允许任何外国干涉我们的内政

  7. This boy was _____ for what he had done in the class.

  A)scolded(被责骂的) B)overcome(克服) C)inclined(有…意向的) D)displayed(装备模型)

  答案:A 这个男孩因为上课时所做的事情而受到责骂

  15. If he _____, he_____ that food.

  A)was warned; would not take B)had been warned; would not have taken

  C)Would be warned; had not take D)would have been warned; had not taken

  答案:B 如果他被警告了,他就不会吃那些食物了。

  Unit 8

  2、What a person says or does today agrees with what he said or did yesterday.

  A)harmonious 和谐,调和 B) consistent 始终如一,坚持的 C) constant 稳定的 D)sensible 明智的,明理的

  答案 B 始终如一的人他今天说的话做的事和过后说的话做的事总是保持一致。

  18、We are delighted by with the computer.

  A) what a good job you have done B) what have you done a good job C) what did you do a good job D) what a good job you did

  答案 A 我们都很高兴,你能用电脑把工作完成得这么好,(what引导的感叹句句型)

  Unit 9

  3. The wine glasses were so ( A )that I was afraid to carry them home by bus .

  A. delicate(易碎的) B. flexible(易弯曲的) C. shaky(摇晃的) D. tender(脆弱的)


  15. sound waves travel in the air in much the same way ( A )water waves spread on the water.

  A. as B. that C. where D. in which


  9. The latest survey of 50 young couples in that city shows the average cost for a wedding has doubled the of 1986.

  A. size(尺寸) B. number(数) C. figure(数字) D. quantity(数量)


  Unit 10

  4.The young couple is _____ in their own factory.

  A)industrial 从事工业的 B)industrious 勤勉的 C)indulge 满足 D)individual 个人的


  7.Don’t waste time;let’s _____ hands in the business.

  A)join 结合 B)connect 连接 C)combine 连接 D)join in 加入

  19. _____ you know the significance of this economic reform,you should not complain.

  A)When B)Now that C)Until D)Although


  Unit 11

  5.Since he often travels on business, he can himself to sleeping in any place he can find.

  A)make B)accustom 习惯 C)force D)let

  答案:B 由于他经常出差,所以他习惯于在任何地方都能找到睡觉的地儿。

  8.If you want to see the chairman of the department,you’d better make an with his secretary first.

  A)admission B)agreement C)appointment约会约定 D)alphabet

  答案:C 如果你想去看系主任,你最好首先跟他的秘书预约一下。

  17.Batteries should be kept in dry places electricity should leak away.

  A)for the reason B)for fear that以免 C)because of D)since

  答案:B 电池应放在干燥的地方,以免漏电。

  Unit 12

  1. This university has_____ a great deal since our last visit.

  A) appeared 出现 B) altered 改变 C) approached靠近 D) admired 钦佩

  答案:B 这所大学自我们上次访问后,有了很大的改变。

  10. The _____ production of engines in our factory has doubled this year.

  A) manual手工的,体力的 B) annual每年的,年度的 C) amount数(量);总额 D) alike同样的,相像的

  答案:B 我们工厂今年发动机的年产量翻了一番。

  13. The nurse treated the patient _____ he were her own brother.

  A) like B) as C) even if D) as if

  答案:D 护士对待病人,就像是她的亲兄弟一样。

  Unit 13

  1.The Foreign Minister made an excellent ___on the current international situation.

  A) committee B) command C) comment D) commission

  答案 C 外交部长对当前的国际形势做出了一个很好的评论

  6. Our teacher was ___ by the funny story.

  A) naked B) yielded C) amused D) expanded

  答案 C 我们的老师被幽默的故事逗乐

  19. Under no circumstances ___leave the house.

  A) is he allowed to B) he is allowed to C) will allow him to D) he will be allowed to

  答案 A 在任何情况下,他可以离开这所房子

  Unit 14

  3. There are two governments in this country.But neither of them is regarded as the___one by the other.

  A)panel 仪表板,面板 B)legal 合法的 C)purple 紫色的 D)republic 共和的

  答案:B 这个国家有两个政府,可是没有哪个政府认为对方是合法的。

  5. The ___between the two playing periods of a football game is only a few minutes.

  A)internal 中间 B)reserve 保留,后备 C)interval 间隙,空隙 D)radium 镭

  答案:C 足球比赛的中场休息间隙只有短短几分钟。

  20. He is the only one of the students who ___ a winner of scholarship for three years.

  A)is B)are C)have been D)has been

  答案:D 他是唯一一个三年里都拿奖学金的学生。(表示唯一时,系动词要用单数,同时for three years,说明前面应该用完成时态)

  Unit 15

  4 The rebuilding plan was_____to the committee.

  A) taped带子 B)admitted 承认 C)desired 渴望 D)submitted听从

  7 Jack is____of stealing the books from the library.

  A)accused控告 b)witnessed见证 C)strained紧张 D)found发现

  答案:A 捷克被控告从图书馆偷书。

  12.They believe their duty to look after the morals of those who live in poverty.

  A)that B) this C)it D)what

  答案 C 他们认为自己有责任照顾那些生活在贫困以下的人们。

  Unit 16

  5. Several loudspeakers are from the ceiling and we can hear the speaker very clearly.

  A)connected B)sustained C)associated D)suspended

  答案 D 几个扬声器挂在天花板上,这样我们就能很清楚的听到演讲者的声音

  7. It is not--- for me to return all the books to be the library now because I still need some of them for my research.

  A)continuous B)difficult C)convenient D)sufficient

  答案 C 对于我来说,现在把所有的书还回图书馆是不方便的,因为为了我的研究我仍然需要他们中的一些。

  这题不肯定13.No one should enter the spot without the of the police.

  A)permit B)permission C)permitting D)permittence

  答案 B 没有警察的允许没有一个人能进入这个地方。

  18.The necklace that she lost is very expensive. It’s of great .

  A)valuable B)value C)valueless D)invaluable

  答案 B 他丢掉的项链是非常昂贵的。它是很有价值的。

  39.The old man came upstairs with great strength, his right __a stick for support.

  选择:B 现在分词短语作伴随状语。holding


  41. The book is not here in it place. It seems to___.

  选择:C 像现在完成时态的被动语态 have been stolen




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