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  4.Before you mail this letter,you shoule check again whether you have it or not.

  a)sunk(使沉没) b)sighed(叹息) c)sought(寻找; 探寻) d)sealed(密封的)

  13. They told me that by the end of the month they ___ in this house for 10 years.

  A)has lived B)has been living C)will have lived D) would have been living.

  答案 D 他们告诉我,到本月底,他们就在这所房子里住了10年了。

  14. By the time he retires John ____ here for 30 years.

  A)has taught B)has been teaching C)will have been teaching D)has been taught

  答案 C 他退休的时候约翰已经教了30年了。

  10.Chocolate and ice-cream have different _____.

  A)favor B)favorites C)fever D)flavors

  答案:flavors 巧克力和冰淇淋的味道不同。

  U5.15. After __the old man, the doctor suggested that he __ a bad cold. C

  A. examining, should catch B. examined, had caught

  C. examining, had caught D. examined, catch


  u6.19.You __ come over yourself. You could have given me a ring instead.

  A)needn’t have B)shouldn’t have C)can’t have D)mustn’t have

  答案:A 你其实不用这么为难自己,你其实可以送我一个戒指(事实上没有送)

  U7.2. Professor smith is also the ____ of the international program office. If you have any problem when you study here, you may go to him for help

  A) detective(detective) B) president(总统;国家主席) C)manager(经理) D)director(主管)

  答案:D 史密斯教授也是国际项目办公室的主管,如果你在这里学习上有任何的问题,你可以去找他帮忙。

  U9.1. More than two hundred years ago the United States ( D )from the British Empire and became an independent country.

  A. got off(下车) B. pulled down(放下) C. dropped off(减少) D. broke away(逃脱)


  u16.12.---What are you doing here?

  ---Oh,my teacher asked me to write a passage about in English.

  ---You can write a passage in English?

  A)600 words,600-words B) 600-word,600-words

  C) 600 words,600-word D) 600 words,600-words

  18. the only thing ( C )can be done is to stop them from going there.

  A. which B. what C. that D. who


  U15.1 She likes the_____flower instead of the natural one.

  A) article文章 B) adventure冒险 C)ancient古老的 D) artificial人造的、假的

  答案:D 她喜欢假花而不是真花。

  U15.8 Metals expand when they are heated and ___when cooled.

  A)indicate指示 B)eliminate消除 C)conquer克服 D)contract收缩

  答案:D 金属热胀冷缩。

  2.The doctor is trying to save the patient by every means _____ .

  A)imaginative 虚构的 B)imaginable 可能的 C)imaginary 虚构的 D)imagination 想象力


  4. The question then ___:What are we going to do when we graduate from the university?

  A)raises 上升,饲养(举起或托起它物) B)arouses 唤醒,引起 C)arises 出现,发生 D)rises 上升(使自身上升)

  答案:C 问题也随之而来:大学毕业以后我们要去干什么?

  7单元第五个. What he said in the meeting _____ everybody present.

  A)disgusted(厌恶的) B)dismissed(开除的) C)disposed(乐意...的) D)eliminated(除去)

  答案: A 他说出席会议的每个人都感到厌恶。

  13.It was such a strong earthquake it caused great damage to this area.

  A)because B)as C)since D)that

  答案:D 这是一场如此强烈的地震以致于对该地区引起了巨大的破坏。

  4. Her father will never ___of her going to study in the United States alone.

  A) prove B) agree C) admit D) approve

  答案 D 她的父亲不会赞成她独自去美国学习。

  7单元第18个18. ____ it _____ for you help, I couldn’t have made any progress.

  A)had; not been B)Should; not been C)Did; not been D)Not; been

  答案:A 要不是你的帮助,我不可能得到任何进展。

  10. Since 1978, many new ____have been developed in our university to meet the increasing demands of the students.

  A) disciplines B) entrances C) checks D) flames

  答案 A 自从1978年以来, 为了满足学生们日益增长的需求,我校已经发展了许多新的学科。

  Great Britain and France will hold a regarding some European economic problems.

  A)conference 会议 B)reference C)conversion D)cooperation

  7. In fact, there is no _____ liberty in any country.

  A) adequate 充足 B) absolute 绝对 C) private 私人 D)practical 实际

  答案:B 事实上,没有任何一个国家是绝对自由的。

  8单元第3个 3、What sort of can you get for the night in a city like this?

  A) commission委任,委托 B) treatment治疗,处理 C) accommodation住宿 D) recommendation建议,意见

  答案 C 在这样的城市,你晚上怎样安排住宿呢?

  19. _____ people might say, we still trust you as we did before.

  A) No matter what 无论什么 B) Even though 即使 C) What D) However 不管怎样

  16、  troubles him is he should ask for help.

  A) What, whom B) That, who C) Which, that D) How, what

  答案 A 困扰他的事物就是他应该向谁请求帮助 What 引导的主语从句和 whom引导的宾语从句。

  16.You'd better set your alarm clock you should oversleep.

  A)before B)if C)while D)lest 以免

  答案:D 你最好设置一下你的闹钟,以免你睡过头。

  18.The Smith’s family,which ___ rather a large one, ___ very fond of their old houses.

  A)were,were B)was,was C)were,was D)was,were

  答案:D Smith一家,一个非常大的家族,家里的每个人都很喜欢他们的房子(当表示家族时,family是集团概念,系动词要用单数,当表示家里的每一个成员时,family后面的系动词要用复数。)

  15.Hardly had he jumped out of the car _____ it blew up.

  A)than 比 B)while 当时 C)when 当时 D)as当时


  1.Students with problems may apply for student loans.

  A)economic B)financial C)male D)economical

  答案 B 有经济问题的学生可以申请学生贷款。

  15.He agreed to lend me the money I promised to pay the money back next week.

  A)as if B)while C)that D)on condition that 条件

  答案:D 他答应把钱借给我,条件是我保证下周还钱。

  He can’t make himself _____. His spoken English really needs _____.

  A) understand, improving B) understood, improving

  C) understand, to improve D) understood, to improving

  I regret——--you that we are unable to offer you a job?

  A informing B having informed C to inform D to informed

  He __ to study harder in the future so that he could have more opportunities to find a better job.

  A)resolved B)resorted C)requested D)reserved



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